Remediation Services

A well-developed remedial action plan ensures that the remedial technology to be implemented will be: appropriate for the site, cost effective, comply with applicable state and federal regulations, and will provide the best results. Be, PLLC specializes in providing a custom tailored cost-effective solution to address your environmental needs. Be employs the most current information along with up to date regulatory agency cleanup criteria in the decision making process. Remedial techniques are always implemented with a cost-effective approach conducted in concert with considerations for environmental quality, regulatory compliance and site aesthetics. Projects are conducted with an effective and balanced consideration of cost, risk and benefits to human health and the environment. The most important part of any remedial program is to have access to an accurate site assessment in order to best define and manage the project goals and client expectations. If you would like to discuss remedial options for you particular site, please feel free to contact me.

We are ready to assist with developing and implementing remedial options including:

Feasibility Evaluations for Remedial Options
Monitored Natural Attenuation
Remedial Program Evaluation
• Systems Operation Assessments

Remedial Technology Options

• Remediation System Design/Installation/Operation and Maintenance
Air Sparging
• Aggressive Fluid/Vapor Recovery
Groundwater Pump and Treat
Soil Vapor Extraction
Ex-situ Remediation Methodologies
• Soil removal
Thermal desorption

Groundwater Monitoring Programs

Remediation Evaluations
RCRA closure obligations



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